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2-Gamma Safety Systems LLC 

Who Are We...

2-Gamma Safety Systems LLC's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to your safety and the success of your training activities.  We are knowledgeable and skilled and we take our training and our task to train you seriously.

Gregg Gillis           Owner         2-Gamma Safety Systems LLC

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor

Certified NRA Range Safety Officer

Certified NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Certified


Prior Specialties, Qualifications and Experience

  • USAF Marksman Ribbon
  • USAF Weapons System Specialist
  • Strategic Air Command Master Munitions Technician
  • USAF Electronic Countermeasures Specialist
  • US Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) Member
  • First Gulf War Veteran
  • IT Architect Expert Level 4 (Hewlett Packard) - 17 years

  • Business Continuity Manager (Fortune 50 Company)

  • MBA (General Management, Global Monetary Systems - YSU 2006)

Mineral Ridge, Ohio 44440

Our Associates and Related Businesses

Hubbard Conservation Club


1760 Wick-Campbell Road, Hubbard, Ohio 44425



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