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TUESDAY - 2 JAN 2017 5:15-8:00 PM 2 Gamma Safety Systems LLC CCW Class (Hubbard Conservation Club)

SIGN UP NOW.  The longer you wait, the colder it will be outside...

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The "Working Person's" Ohio Concealed Carry (CCW) Class - $75:


Most of this class is conducted ONLINE at your leisure.  You then follow up with our 2.5-3 hour HANDS ON class on the range right after work. 


1. Read and understand the class requirements in the Descriptions Section.  CLICK HERE.

When done, please return here.


2. Download and review the 'Ohio Atty Generals Concealed Carry Manual'.  ORC 2923.125(B)(4) requires that applicants certify that they have read this publicationCLICK HERE


3.  Download, sign, and bring to class the 'Ohio CCW Class Liability Waiver Form':


Liability Waiver
Liability Waiver.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [153.9 KB]

REMINDER,  NEXT CLASS IS:  January 2, 2018.  5:00/5:15 PM until 8 PM.

4.  Register for the online class and associated range day:  Select and click on one of the orange buttons below...

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